For dairy farmers, it’s one of life’s simplest truths, and one the partners at Baker Brook Dairy have taken to heart: animal care and wellness is essential to producing quality milk. At the dairy on the outskirts of Attica, N.Y., 1,500 cows lounge contentedly in spacious barns, designed with cow comfort in mind.

Baker Brook Dairy is the product of a longtime friendship turned partnership when Rick Stevens and Charlie and Ed Ziegler brought their families together to manage the dairy 15 years ago. Since then, the farm has made strides toward advanced animal care and cleanliness, training employees carefully and paying special attention to technologies that keep the herd comfortable during any season.

Each partner takes on a different role at the dairy to make sure no detail is overlooked, identifying every possible way to maximize cow comfort. As a result, the cows reward them with top-quality milk.