The renowned registered Holstein herd at Coyne Farms is known for making high-quality milk, feeding hungry families with a product that is nutritious and responsibly sourced. But the 900 cows in Avon, N.Y., are also feeding the world in a different way.

In 2005, Coyne Farms entered a unique partnership with their new next-door neighbors — a vermicomposting company called Worm Power. The New York enterprise sources farm waste from the dairy and feeds it to millions of hungry worms, producing naturally rich, professional-grade organic plant food.

With the addition of Craigs Station Creamery, the Coynes are excited to add another layer to their farm’s story of sustainability and traceability.

“Our neighbors like to know where our milk is going,” Malachy Coyne says. “And people in general like to know the source of their milk or dairy food. Now we can give them a good, honest answer.”