Noblehurst Farms isn’t just supplying milk to Craigs Station Creamery — it is also supplying power.

The Nobles and other families involved in the dairy have invested in an innovative digester that powers their farm as well as the plant. The digester processes not only animal waste from the farm, but also expired food from area businesses. It will even convert waste from Craigs Station Creamery.

The farm’s use of renewable energy extends beyond the digester to other areas of the farm. Solar panels provide energy to heat the water that is used for cleaning the barns and parlor, and the families have used energy audits to identify additional ways to increase efficiency.

As a seventh-generation dairy with roots tracing back to the 1800s, Noblehurst Farms has been around long enough to understand the wants and needs of consumers. Their commitment to sustainability is driven by a pride in their heritage and a desire to provide future generations with a high-quality product.

“We want to produce a good product that’s as natural as possible,” John Noble says.