As consumers become more and more removed from the farm, it’s important to share the story of agriculture. That’s why Synergy Farm managers have made it a point to connect with their local community, giving back in more ways than one.

The dairy offers visitors a stronger understanding and sense of pride in the industry, helping to bridge the gap between consumers and the agricultural community. Synergy Farm welcomes the public on farm tours, where farmers gets to share their passion for dairy and consumers get to learn where their food comes from. The families of Synergy Farm believe it is especially important to pass their knowledge and love for the industry on to future generations, and they regularly host 4-H activities and events.

Synergy Farm offers visitors a family-friendly atmosphere as well as a closer look at progressive, modern farming practices. The dairy is home to the largest digester in New York, which processes waste from the herd and a nearby food-processing factory, generating enough sustainable energy to power 1,000 neighbors’ homes.